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Can’t own a pet? You can still help!

Do you love animals but can’t own one right now? Here are some ways you can still advocate for the well-being of pets and their caregivers:

·    Buy a meal for a pet or a pet parent in need by donating to the PEDIGREE Foundation.

·    Help cover medical costs for a pet or a pet parent in need by donating to the BANFIELD Foundation.

·    Send a letter to your mayor, or help promote pets at work programs in your community

·    Become an advocate for Pet Partners, the largest US non-profit organisation registering handlers of animals, helping improve human health through animal-assisted therapy

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BANFIELD Foundation

BANFIELD Foundation®, a nonprofit organization, believes all pets deserve access to veterinary care, whether they have a home or are waiting for one. Our grant programs support organizations that enable veterinary care, temporary shelter and disaster relief for vulnerable pets. We are committed to making A Better World for Pets because they make a better world for us. Visit for more information.

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PEDIGREE Foundation

We believe that every dog deserves a loving home. To learn more about how you can help dogs in need through our grants programs go to Adopt. Volunteer. Donate.

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If you do own a dog, you can also volunteer with the Dogs On Call therapy dog program of The Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Dogs On Call brings registered therapy dogs and their volunteer owners to visit patients and staff throughout the VCU Medical Center and participate in de-stress events for students on the VCU campus. The published Center research documents the benefits of Dogs On Call for patients, staff, and students, providing the evidence-base for this complementary therapy. New volunteers and their well-mannered dogs are welcome!