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Pets in our communities

Being a responsible pet owner brings benefits not just for pets and their owners, but also for our communities.

Cities are growing, and pets are becoming more and more integrated into the home environment and seen as family members. We need to make sure our cities are good places for our pets to live in.

better cities for pets

Thanks to the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program, you can assess your city and help capture what pet-friendly features people value most – an important step in getting your own city certified!

You can also raise your voice for more pet-friendly work places. At work, pets can boost morale, build a sense of community and get us up for regular walking breaks.

pets at work

Here is how you can promote your “pets at work” program.

Not living in the USA? No matter where you’re enjoying your city life, here are 6 simple steps to making your city more pet friendly. To learn more about the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program  initiative and get involved, visit