thinking about getting a pet

Thinking about getting a pet?

You’re probably wondering if you should get a furry companion right about now, and if so, there are many things to consider — from what kind of pet to what breed, young or old, long-haired or short. Bringing a pet into your home is a major decision, but if you’re ready, the long-term benefits can be both physically and mentally rewarding.

are you ready to be a pet owner

Are you ready to be a pet owner?

There are basic needs a pet should have to thrive in a new home. As a human sidekick to your new pet, he or she will need your time and attention to care for him or her, especially during their early years. Things you need to do to provide for your pet include, regular bathing and grooming, taking your dog outside daily, and watching over his or her well-being and health.

Ask yourself if you’re prepared financially to care for your pet. You may consider setting a monthly budget for your dog or cat’s food and essentials, such as toys, weather-appropriate clothing, etc. There are costs as well for vaccinations and periodical visits to the vet.

Finally, is your living space safe? When thinking about what type of pet to bring home, make sure he or she has a good amount of space indoors or enough time to spend outdoors to exert their energy. Keep rooms free of accident-prone items. Hide long cords away and stabilize heavy bookshelves.